Vivid Sydney

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my absence this week! my week has been crazy busy – but I have managed to fit some time in after work to check out the Vivid festival.

For those who do not know, Vivid is an annual light show in Sydney that happens for approximately 3 weeks usually between May – June. The entire CBD (and various other suburbs) are covered in light installations – some interactive. Of course there are always art projections on the Opera house and a light show on the Harbour Bridge.

Because this event is free (with the exception of some ticketed events and shows), thousands of people flock to Circular Quay to see the light show. Trying to get anywhere quick is impossible especially on weekends. My suggestion is if you do go to check this out, go on a week night because usually it will mainly be less crowded as families are less inclined to venture into the CBD on a weeknight.

That being said, I actually have no clue if there is a theme (besides light) for these vivid festivals.

I have only managed to visit the light show around CQ for now and will definitely be going to check out Martin Place and Barangaroo within the next week or so.

Let me know if you have been and which was your favourite installation this year! Mine was definitely the swing set behind Park Hyatt (right under the harbour bridge at the Rocks). The swings were illuminated and you would be able to sit on it while music plays depending on how fast/high you are swinging. If you are lucky (as a reward for waiting in line for at least 15 minutes) they perform a show with the mechanical swings where loud happy music plays and the swings rotate 360 degrees in various speeds all the while the lights change colours. It was my favourite part of vivid (and I’m in my 20s so kids will definitely love this).

Below are some photos from my visit. As it is winter, please ensure you rug up as it does get quite chilly !

For more information, visit:

Website :
Cost: Free for most events
Duration: 26 May – 17 June





4 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney

  1. Dewy says:

    Very pretty we have White Nights in Melbourne where shops and restaurants open all night. It gets very crowded though. I’ve only been once and we were packed like tuna on the train.


  2. TheRamblingWombat says:

    Lovely, pictures … I have just visited the Opera Hose and Botanic Gardens so far. Will visit the Rocks and perphaps more tomorrow (Monday). Will be less crowded than tonight and I’m tired after a days walking anyway.

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