The infamous Bondi to Bronte walk 

Well technically it’s the Bondi to Coogee walk but because I am that unfit that after just reaching Bronte, I called it a day and began my return walk to Bondi.

Hello everyone 👋

Hope everyone’s week is going well so far!

It’s going to be a rainy few days in Sydney. Perfect – just in time for the long weekend (why Sydney why?!). So, I thought what better than to reminisce on the sunnier times of Sydney.

The Bondi to Coogee walk is 6km (one way) and will take approximately 1 hour to walk (one way) along the narrow coastal footpaths. However it may take longer depending on the amount of people traffic who are going the opposite direction. It then becomes a game of ‘who is polite enough to let the other pass’. Most are friendly enough and will step aside however there are also large handfuls of groups where they believe they have the right of way. How frustrating – it’s so un-Australian.

Seeing as I only walked to Bronte, it took about 40 minutes return.

Along your scenic route which starts from the end of the beach closest to Bondi station, you will encounter the famous and most Instagrammed swimming pool – Bondi icebergs. Because who’s going to believe you were at Bondi unless you have photographic proof of the pool? The view overlooks the pool which is constantly sprayed by the oncoming waves from the sea and out towards the opposite end of Bondi Beach. It is a great people watching spot because you can see all the surfers ride the waves however it gets so congested with pedestrians that you really should move along.

The footpath leads along the coast under rock formations and up towards Tamarama beach. Did you know that surf club was featured in an ad for dulux (paint brand with the furry dog) ?

From there, there are enormous cliff faces overlooking the sea which are perfect for laying down on and soaking up the sun or grabbing a bite to eat. Just remember eber to bring a towel/blanket/jumper as the cliff face is quite uneven and not that comfortable to lay on unless you are sitting on something soft. It can also get quite wet from the sea mist

Once you have gotten sick of that sea side view and decide you want a change in scenery, continue walking along the footpath towards Bronte beach. Along the way there are exercise equipment and if you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of a couple in the midst of their wedding photography.

This walk is dog friendly however please ensure that your dog is comfortable in crowded environments as the last thing you want is a terrified pooch.

All in all, it is a great way to spend your day!



9 thoughts on “The infamous Bondi to Bronte walk 

  1. TheRamblingWombat says:

    I have done this great walk a number of times .. next time will be when I get there on my full coastal walk from Burrenjoey on the Northern Beaches to Crunulla….. Last weekend I made it to Manly jetty (post North Head) so still a few days walking to go before I hit Bondi !!!

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