$9 Pho?! 

Yep you read that right!

I promised you cheap food on my blog and boy have I delivered!

Hope everyone’s week is going well.

Colder weather equals pho weather.

Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup usually made with raw beef and meatballs. Pho dac biet is the one with every topping possible (including tripe and tendon. My favourite!).  The soup is made using spices such as star anise, ginger, roasted onion, coriander seed, fennel and clove. The soup takes hours to make in order for all the flavours to come through and all that delicious. Again patience is key.

But hey, who has time to make their own pho from scratch? Also why bother when pho is only $9?!

This $9 Pho is a bit of a travel for most as this is located deep in the south west. But everyone knows – West is best! For food anyway.

The south west especially around the Cabramatta and Canley heights area is a Vietnamese hub. Every second shop guaranteed will be a Vietnamese restaurant specialising in pho.

Now this hidden treasure is in Canley heights. Though parking is quite a pain even on weekday afternoons. However bear with it and patience is key. It’ll all be worth it!

There are minimal lines if you get there before 6:30pm. Anything after that will require at least 15 minutes wait.

I don’t know about you but $9 is pretty damn good for a big bowl of pho (they don’t skimp out on anything). Have a look for yourself! I did also get goi cuon (rice paper rolls) and a lemon soda drink. The total was only $26. That’s peanuts!

I highly recommend you visit this place for a bowl of pho. Or to try out any of their other dishes.

It has become a weekly family tradition for me to have our weekly dose of pho from huong xua!

However it is noted that this special offer is only available Tuesday and Wednesdays and the catch is you can only choose TWO toppings for your pho. So sadly no pho dac biet!

If you are ever in the area. Please go visit this place 🙂

Cost: $9
Valid Tuesday and Wednesdays only.
Restaurant: Huong Xua
Location : 4/219 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights (accessible by car or bus only. Probably at least a 20 minute walk from Canley vale station)
Opening hours : 9am – 10pm

Fun fact: they also do a pho challenge where you have to finish a 2.5kg bowl of pho within 11 minutes.  If you do, you get the meal free! I wish you luck..

Ciao for now!

Ally xx


4 thoughts on “$9 Pho?! 

  1. Dewy says:

    Hehehe thanks for the post . If you’re a Viet you’d never say that as nothing tastes better than home made Pho 😊 I’m lucky we live near my parents. My dad makes it once in awhile so I don’t have to. It’s easy to make . No fennel though? Just cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and star aniseed and roasted ginger and roasted onion.

    Liked by 1 person

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