Watson Bay

Hello everyone!

Did a bit of exploring over the weekend at Watsons Bay.

Sydney had the best weather on the weekend despite it being ‘winter’ right now. So why not make the most of it by exploring outdoors?

It is actually so good for your mind and body to get outdoors especially after a week of working in front of the office computer for at least 7 hours a day. (Give me all the vitamin C please.)

Surprisingly, despite not planning our journey at all, we did not have to wait long for a ferry at CQ. We waited all of 3 minutes. Lucky we got there when we did because the ferry wharf was already packed like sardines. Also the indicator board showed the next ferry to CQ will arrive in 50 minutes if we had missed this one. Now I’m not too sure if that was a technical glitch or not but I surely hope that the ferries come more often than hourly to Watsons bay.

The ferry ride took about 20 minutes which is nothing when you are on the bow of the boat enjoying the sea spray and just soaking in the warm sun and beautiful sights. Because of the perfect weather, there were quite a few yacht boats on the harbour, they always make me anxious when they tip to the side to the point where they’re almost parallel with the water. Does anyone else feel the same?!

It was just after 2pm when our ferry arrived at Watsons bay. The famous beach club was brimming with groups of people having their afternoon drinks and nibbles. The Doyles fish shop was also packed, serving out trays of fish and chips by the second. However, as we already ate back in my area we ventured out to explore.

We had explored down along the beach on our previous trip here so this time we wanted to check out the view of “The Gap”. Despite its beauty, it has a grim presence which I’m not too sure most of the tourists know about. The second you walk up the steps to the Gap, there is a lifeline poster and phone booths there offering assistance. For those who are unaware, the Gap was earned an unwanted reputation of being a place where people go and contemplate suicide. There are high fences alongside the cliff face to prevent these occurrences from happening.

The view from the Gap is pretty spectacular. Offering views of the Sydney CBD on one side and the other out towards the endless ocean. Watching and listening to the waves crash against the cliff face is just so serene.

There were 3 height levels for the Gap all which are reachable by stairs and offer plenty of seating areas for those who want to have lunch there or just to chill out.  I sat there for a good half an hour just admiring the view and spending some quality time with my boyfriend.

There aren’t many shops at Watson’s Bay around the main street at all. There were a few vintage cafe’s (even a milk bar) and an ice creamery and that was about it. I quite liked that as it seemed the community has managed to retain its history despite the inflow of tourists along the bayside.

We didn’t spend too long at Watson’s Bay as we were only there to sight see. We also had to head back into the city to get ready for dinner (blog post to come).

However, I highly recommend spending an afternoon at Watsons Bay either to eat at the beach club (food is very expensive but decent), stroll alongside the beach, overlook the sea at The Gap or even to sit/lay down at the big park right by the ferry wharf.

Best part is being able to catch the Ferry for less than $5 with Opal (only if you have reached the quota for half off travel that week. Otherwise wait till Sunday when travel is $2.50 all day). 🙂


Location: Watson’s Bay (ferry from Circular Quay – Wharf #2)
Price: Free (excluding your opal travel)

If you or anyone you know needs help:

Ciao for now!

Ally xx


2 thoughts on “Watson Bay

  1. Dewy says:

    Lovely post. I’ve been there. Not much walking more eating . We went there to eat at Doyles. It was amazing but expensive. I remembered it’s a pretty with beautiful views from up high.

    Liked by 1 person

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